Saturday, July 02, 2011

It's 81* right now.. not complaining.. just stating a fact.  It's supposed to go to 87* today.  I believe it may just do that.
This is the Independence day weekend and that means a birthday get together for Joyce and David.  How delightful that will be.  I love it when our family all gets together.  Smiling here.

This morning I gave the melons and tomatoes and also the cabbages a little extra drink of water after I saw the weather report.  The melons and tomatoes have blossoms.. My peppers have little teeny peppers on them too.  :)

Planning a trip to Valentines .. haven't seen them this year at all.  :(  Dying to see how Asher has grown..  not that I don't want to see how the others have grown, but toddlers change so much more month by month.. and pictures are wonderful, but in person is sooooo much better.  I think I like being a grandmother.  ;)

Time for lunch.. hoping the Blair grandkids are planning to stay over this weekend.  That would make life more than grand!

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