Friday, July 08, 2011

It's Friday.. I am making final arrangements and plans to make a trip to see the Valentines next week.  I have purchased a number of things to make the trip more comfortable.. and tomorrow we will get some books on CD to take with us for  when we decide to go. 
I attempted to get the oil changed too, but the guy said the fellow in front of me got the last oil filter that matched my car, so Wendell will go back tomorrow to get this task finished. 
My reading is moving right along.  I'm not really keeping count, but am started and well into book #11.. one on worship in every book of the Bible.  It was written by a friend Rev Doug Comin.. I highly recommend this book- it's an easy read but really meaty.  He doesn't beat around the bush and doesn't write in a dialect you can't understand.. he's the real deal.  I'm learning tons and tons.... about why our nation is under judgement and our churches too- and it has everything to do with the way we worship Jesus - most of our churches ignore his regulations for worship and that opens the door from there.   Worship is centered on God, and not making me feel good.  Man made interventions have corrupted our worship today.. distractions and man made songs have taken the place of what God originally prescribed for HIS worship- scripture shows the degrading of a nation because they didn't listen or follow the rules.. we are there too.
Loving this book...

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