Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hot and humid..

It's been an interesting morning.  I had set my groundhog trap yesterday morning.. using what is absolutely THE ULTIMATE bait ever- cantaloupe guts and rind.  Before we left on our trip to Valentines, Wendell and I took out 3 groundhogs in one afternoon.  Thanks, John, for taking care of the one.  Wendell shot one from the back deck- and I got another in a trap earlier.  Well.. you'd think that since cats are carnivorous, they wouldn't bother the melon in the trap, but apparently I was wrong.   This morning I had been watching the trap about every 15 minutes from the living room window.. and suddenly Wendell yelled 'Marilyn!  you got something in your trap.. you better come quick!'..   So I did and when I looked, I said 'Hey.. that's definitely NOT a groundhog.. looks more like a silly black cat.'   'That's what I think too'  says Wendell. 
Yeah.. and next time we looked, we couldn't see him because he had layed himself flat out and took a nap in the trap.  I tried calling his name, but he just layed there.. so I took the above photos as I approached the trap figuring he'd be antsy to get out of confinement.. but he didn't move.  I had to lift the trap up a bit to make him move away from the opening in the trap to set him free.  Goofy cat!  He just took his good old time ambling out of the trap and not looking back at me as he walked slowly back to the house.. I called him and he looked back over his shoulder and then continued on his way.  When I got back to the house, he was all stretched out on the back deck and purring like a Mack truck.  What a silly boy!
The hummingbirds are really active too.  We definitely have identified 3 females and we have a male too.. maybe more, but we can't differentiate them if so.  They have a steady battle going on and dive bomb us as we watch them feed.. I've got photos of them on here too.. I hope they have come out well and you can appreciate why we love our back deck.
The rain has been so wonderful and all the plants seem to be very happy.  I had to set up my beefsteak tomato planter.. It gets top heavy every so often when it rains hard.  The glads are gorgeous, but some are laying on the landscape cloth having been knocked down by the storm yesterday. 
I picked about a cup of sugar snap peas and we'll have them in a stirfry tonite.  I got about 2 cups of Tall Telephone Pole peas.. they are very sweet- we tried them yesterday morning raw. 
Lawn needs mowed and garden needs a bit of weeding- it's not hard when it's mulched as well as it is.  I wish I could tolerate going out to the potatoes and hoe-ing them.  I just can't make it in the heat and muggy weather.
Hip and hamstring are still very sore as a result of emptying the clothes dryer 2 weeks ago.. Hamstrings don't heal as fast as other muscle injuries.. or so it seems.
I'm really excited to have our pastor Vince coming on Friday to talk about head coverings, foot washing , and greeting the brethren with a holy kiss.. things I just don't understand and wonder about.. I've been doing my homework, so hopefully won't sound completely stupid.
Gotta get moving here.. missing the grandkids- ALL of them..

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