Monday, July 25, 2011

It's Monday.. it rained early this morning and was glorious.. I loved watching the hummers come for a drink in the rain and cooler weather.  Today I have errands to run including the post office, library, and the pharmacy..oh, and the grocery to get more cantaloupe as bait for our groundhogs.. I give them the rind and the guts.. we eat the flesh!  YUMMY!! 
My blood sugar was 202 this morning.. can't figure that one out except when I got home from church yesterday I had a horrific GI upset and decided to hit the BRAT diet.. ate rice and toast and banana.. then feeling exhausted, layed down at 3pm and woke up at midnight despite the screamer that was set for 2 hours.  UGH.   So I skipped my metformin and ate a little more rice.. that was around 1am.. and then went to bed around 3am.. woke up at 7am and tested my glucose.  Horrors!!!  I've been good for the past few weeks- running under 100.  This is shocking, but I'll make sure my diet is better today.. even if I have a GI upset again..

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