Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Professor Horner Bible reading program has taken hold of me in a big way.  As I read the instructions several months ago when I thought I'd give it a shot, I noted that he says that I should not be concerned if there are passages that I don't understand- especially at first.  He says you just keep up the routine readings and wait for the Holy Spirit to tell you what he wants you to know in His time.  It is effectual.  Downright awesome if you really want to know.  I'd been struggling a bit with understanding the whole of Isaiah, but it was I Corinthians that screamed out at me that I was missing something.  So I ignored it.  But it kept bothering me and coming back on my mind for over a week.  It was the 11th chapter that talks about propriety in worship.  Specifically, head coverings.  I struggled with this and asked Wendell what he thought about it.  He said he didn't think it was an issue and he didn't care whether I wore a head covering when I attended worship or not.  Still, it nagged at me.  I started looking it up on the internet and found a Reformed Presbyterian site (later found to be that of Reg Barrow and not our RPCNA)  which addressed it but not really.  There was another site that was from a former RP pastor that sounded like pure legalism and he'd make sure all the women wore head coverings - or else.
I was turned off by this one big time.  I read many articles trying to see if head coverings were commanded or just suggested for women.  I finally made an appointment with our pastor to come to our home and discuss these things, answer questions, make his own suggestions if need be.
Our meeting was very positive.  We did discuss the fact that our church does not really take a position on head coverings, but that it was a matter of individual conscience.
So why wear a head covering then?  It is an outward sign that I am under authority. 
In our small  congregation, there are a majority of women who subscribe to the head covering.  It has not been introduced nor pushed by the pastor or elders.  It's been a matter of individual conviction of the women involved.  I've lived 64 years without covering my head at worship, but suddenly I'm burdened with this idea.. so I went shopping that same day as when the pastor visited and bought various scarves at the thrift store and today I was wearing my first head covering during the worship service. 
I want to add that our pastor simply asked me how I interpretted that passage.. and I said I  felt strongly compelled to cover my head.
He left that up to me.. but I believe I made the right decision for me.

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