Saturday, December 31, 2011

Blessed new year 2012

In just a few hours, we will welcome 2012.  This will be a year of happy/sad, joy/sorrow, fear/security, and war/peace. 
My hope and desire for you all is not for continual happiness in this world, for with continual happiness, one sleeps the sleep of death and destruction.  Happiness is not found in 'things' of this life, but of the blessings that God pours out on believers.  The more 'things' one has, the more time is spent away from our Lord, and in time He is forgotten, pushed under a rug till we 'need' Him.  The world is full of such. 
My hope and desire for you is that this will be the year that you recognize Jesus as Savior and King, and turn your heart and mind toward Him and dedicate your life to Him.  Lean on Him for instruction and help, recognize His sovereignty. 
Open your Bible and read.. hear the words speak to you.
I pray your new year is not particularly happy, but very blessed which brings joy to the heart.

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