Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Well, we got snow and it's still 25* outside but windy so it's colder than that.  As for the snow, the weather prevaricators predicted 1-4" by noon today.  We have only 45 min to make even that minimum.  :)   I doubt it said the carpenter... and shed a bitter tear.
What we do have is a dusting.. more than a skiff, but certainly far less than half an inch.
My new birdfeeder is up and the birds are singing a happy tune!  They seem to love it much more than my red neck feeder.  Who can blame them?
I'll post pictures later when I get brave enough to go outdoors.  :)
Today I need to make a trip to Butler, but am toying with the idea of waiting till tomorrow to go with Wendell when he has his weigh-in appt with his PCP.  We need gas in the car, so that might just be a better idea.  I don't think we'll get enough snow to make a difference by tomorrow.
Heading for Professor Horner..

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