Thursday, December 22, 2011

Coming down to the wire here as far as holidays go.  I'm already tired of the whole shebang.  I'm ready to remove the tree and all signs of Christ Mass.  Accckkkkk! 
It is raining again tonight.  Last night we had a horrific storm with gale force winds, rain, and thunder.  More like spring.  Oh,  spring, where are you???  I am so ready.   I love the green green grass and leaves, not particularly pine needles. 
Monday will be our family party.. that reminds me, I should check in with everyone to see if they are in agreement.. hehehe
I found another Zobmondo game.. "Would You Rather".... fun.  It's similar to "Apples to Apples" that we played last year.  Interesing games that make you think.   Then I found Scrabble and Password too.  I may try to get someone to play with me .. hmmmm
"Would you rather eat an earthworm every day or have a tooth pulled without anesthesia?"   Glad I don't have to make that choice.. hehehe

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