Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's 30* outside and not a flake of snow to be seen for miles.  Suits me just fine.  I can deal with cold weather, but snow and ice are my nemesis. 
Wendell bought me a Nook and a router.  He already has a list of books he wants to read on it.  :)  I can't get the router hooked up so will just wait till John has a free moment or two to fight with it.  It really is a nice thing- we have been talking about buying one for months.  Can't access it without wi-fi, thus the router.  Oh well.. it is like giving a child a toy without the batteries.. hehehe.

Oh.. tomorrow is Christmas Day.   I can't wait for New Year Day.. I'm about done with 2011 ..
Happy New Year to all !!!

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