Sunday, October 21, 2012

A few more homemade recipes...

Here is a recipe I'm going to try- haven't yet..
Winter Sore Throat Tea
Lemon slices, honey, and maybe some sliced ginger .. put in a jar with a lid and in the refrigerator.  It will form a jelly.
Spoon the jelly into a mug and add hot water.. stir and sip.
Stores 2-3 months 

Homemade Hand Sanitizer
1/4c Aloe Vera gel
3/4c Rubbing alcohol
1/8c Glycerin
10 gtts essential oil- your choice
Pour everything into a food processor or blender ..
On high for 1-2 minutes
Bottle it- keeps 6+ months   

Homemade Sugar Scrub
Equal parts brown and white sugar in a 6-8 oz jar
Fill to top with olive oil and add 1-2 Tbsp vanilla extract
Mix to a paste
Sort of reminds me of BC ??   I have not yet tried this one either..'s a really good tip.  I finally learned how to actually SHINE my stainless steel sinksFirst sprinkle some lemon juice in the sink- about 2 Tbsp.  Then sprinkle over it baking soda..right out of the box.  It will foam up nicely.   Scrub the entire sink with this .  Then rinse and dry with a towel.  Apply a few drops of oil in the sink and buff with a towel.. WHOA!!!  It shines!!  The oil you use can be olive, baby, or any other oil you might have in the kitchen.. just don't use a lot..a few drops does the trick nicely.

Faux Febreze
1/8c fabric softener
2 Tbsp baking soda
Hot tap water to fill a 32oz bottle.
Spray away!  
I tried this.  I liked it a lot.. BUT.. I found when I sprayed it on my black jacket, it left a white film on it.  Nothing else had it- used it on the sofa and chairs and carpet.  Smells heavenly and no white film.. just on my black jacket.   I guess I'd say.. use sparingly even if it does smell soooooo good.

Faux Clorox Wipes
1c water
1/4c rubbing alcohol
1 Tbsp Dawn (blue)
2 Tbsp Ammonia (optional)
Stir together and pour over cotton cloths.  
Put in a jar or air tight container.
As you use these, toss them back into the laundry and rewash..then put them back in the jar for next time.
I used an old gunky terry cloth towel.  I cut the wipes about 6"x 6" and soaked them in an old Cool Whip container with a lid.
I did not use the ammonia.

Homemade Dryer sheets
Cut up old towels or whatever  fabric you have into 6x6" pieces.
Soak in fabric softener in a container. 
Use 1 for each dryer load- squeeze out the excess fluid and toss into the dryer with your wet clothes.
When done, put it back into the softener for the next wash day.

Faux Oxyclean soak
1c water
1/2c peroxide
1/2c baking soda
Mix and soak laundry overnight.
I haven't tried this yet.. sounds good though.

Liquid Laundry Soap
Grate 1 bar of soap- Fels Naptha is awesome
1c Borax
1c Washing soda
2 gallon jugs 
Fill a gallon jug with hot water and pour into a pot
Cook until the soap dissolves
Add borax and soda
Bring to a boil- it will coagulate
Turn off heat
Add 1 gallon cold water, stir well
Pour a gallon into both jugs  
1/2c per load
~ I have not tried this yet.. but am looking forward to doing just that.  

Homemade Underarm Deodorant
1/4c baking soda
1/4c corn starch
1/4c Coconut oil
essential oil optional
In a small saucepan (I used the microwave), 
melt the coconut oil.  Whisk in the rest of the ingredients until smooth.. transfer to an empty deodorant container.  Let set
I didn't have an empty, so I used a 4oz mason jar.  It really does solidify to the texture of deodorant.  I had to use a cotton pledget to apply it after my shower this morning.  It does work, but remember, this is a deodorant, not an antiperspirant.  You may sweat, but it won't smell bad.  
I felt bad tossing those pledgets away.. I pulled them back out of the wastecan and shined my shoes- waterproofed them!  Ha!
** Addendum
I did try this deodorant for several days and now know that although it is a deodorant (and a great polish for shoes), I can't use it for its primary purpose.  It made my underarms burn in the evening.  Hope others don't have the same problem..Am thinking I need an antiperspirant rather than just deodorant.  

Jewelry Cleaner
Boiling water- I used a cup
Baking soda- I used about 2 Tbsp
I put this in a corelle bowl and then tossed in my rings.. They bubble and sizzle a bit.. I left them in for about 5 minutes.
I took them out using a spoon and layed them on a tea towel till I could handle them and rinsed them with cold water.  WOW!  They shine like new! 





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