Sunday, October 21, 2012

Low alkaline diet rules

I saw the doctor early in September for a routine check up.. she noted that I was down 6# since my last visit 3 months before.  Good for me!  I hadn't been eating much with my hyper acid stomach acting up so badly.. it was no wonder.
What could I do to help myself and get off all the meds?  
Jane sent me an email.. something about hyperacid foods maybe?  I just can't remember now, but in that email was an ad which I clicked on and shortly thereafter got interested in eating alkaline foods.. which lead me to a diet program.. which I LOVE!  To date I've lost 17#.  No wonder my clothes feel so loose!
Here it is as concisely as I can make it.I've adjusted it to fit my fancy, but keep to the rules as best I can.
There are rules to follow :
1. Meat can be eaten in small portions and only with non starchy foods, and only one type of protein at a meal.  Not to be eaten with other carbs/ starchy foods or fruit.
2. Non starchy/low starch veggies can be eaten with protein foods and high starch /carbs, but not with fruit.
3. Carbs/high starch foods can be eaten with low/no starch foods and fats, but not with fruit or protein or acidic foods.  (there goes the meat and potatoes!)
4. Fruits are to be eaten by themselves.. no combining in ANY meal.
5. Fats can be eaten with low/no starch foods and carb/high starch foods , but NOT with protein or fruit.
6. Only unprocessed starches and whole grains should be part of the diet.  Never eat refined or processed food like white sugar, white flour, and margarine.
7. There should be 4-4 1/2 hours between meals made up of different types of food.  2 hours for single type meal.  This is to assure digestion from previous meal.
Meat, fish, eggs, chicken,dairy, nuts/seeds, dry beans
Asparagus, green beans, broccoli, cabbage, onion, carrots
Pasta, bread, grain, potato
Note: potato must be eaten with the skin
Avocado, Butter, olive oil, cream, olives

There are lists of alkaline foods where I choose my veggies and fruits.. this has been extremely  helpful in purchasing the right foods.
The foods are colorful and delicious.
More later....  

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