Sunday, October 21, 2012

Valentine- 3

 Esther and Gayle LOVE to paint fingernails.  They have a huge box of colors and they let me choose the ones I wanted.. and then each girl took one of my hands and CAREFULLY painted my fingernails. 

 I think they did a fabulous job.. and before it was all over, I had glittered nails, and each of my thumbs had a design painted onto it.. It lasted over a week, and then it started to chip.. sadly, I had to remove it.. but we had fun playing with the polish!

 While I was getting my nails done, Isaac sat across the table and we had a nice chat about Boy Scouts.  He is working hard selling popcorn to earn money for summer camp.  He has camped out every month this year, and next month will go with his troop to Gettysburg for an overnight. 

                              Gayle picked up my camera and took this shot of herself.. not bad..

One evening Wendy covered the entire kitchen table with white paper.  Taped securely into place, we all took a spot and the crayons were passed around.  We drew on the paper and had a good time coloring together.  The key word here is 'together'.. Love those kiddos!

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