Wednesday, October 24, 2012

This reminds me of Thomas.. he no longer sleeps on our deck at night, but visits us daily.. er.. not really.. he comes to eat his breakfast, lunch, supper and beg for a midnight snack.
This week I stepped out on the back porch and directly onto the poor boy, full force-   yike.  that's a lot of weight on one skinny little wild cat.
When I lifted my foot, he ran to the other side of the deck and huddled in the corner.   Note- he didn't leave totally, but just got 'out of the way'.  When I recovered from the shock of it all, I walked over and talked to him.. assuring him that I certainly didn't do that on purpose and hoped he'd forgive me.  It was at that point, as though he understood everything I had just said, that he got up and walked over to me lovingly rubbing his head and body against my leg.  So forgiving.  I prayed that I could be that forgiving when others hurt me.   

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