Sunday, October 21, 2012

About the low alkaline diet

A sample of my intake for the day:
Pam in a skillet (usually what is left over after cooking an omelet for hubby)
Veggies- broccoli, peppers, onions, tomato- warming up before I pour on my 3 egg/4 eggwhites.  I scramble the eggs with the veggies and add a shot of sea salt and black pepper.
I do have coffee, but only in the morning.

Lunch is normally a HUGE salad with lettuce (a couple varieties), a grated carrot, slices of onion, radishes, and a large amount of cabbage slices.  I top it with ranch or french dressing

Supper is perhaps a small piece of chicken I've fried (yeah, I know) in coconut oil, and a huge salad similar to lunch.

I drink water- lots of it.

At bedtime, I like a snack, so I eat a cup of dry cheerios.

Today I had plain eggs scrambled, but that meant I could eat again in 2 hours if I needed to.. I waited till after church and had dry cheerios- a cup that I never finished.. and after 2 hours, I had a fruit salad with mandarin oranges, peaches, and a banana.  Yummy..

since lunch was only 1 item (fruit).. I only had to wait 2 hours for supper.. it's been longer, but I'm waiting to get hungry :)
Tonight I'm having the chicken again.. same way  :(  I figure I can spare the extra calories and it doesn't seem to bother my stomach.
I'll have the huge salad again as well.. Wendell says I make enough for a family of 8.. yes, he's right.  The thing is, the diet plan didn't say HOW MUCH to eat, just follow the combining rules with the timing rules.  Hey.. it works for me!

Tonight I shall have my cup of cheerios before bed

I'm not hungry between meals, and I watch the clock to make sure I don't eat before I'm permitted.  Love it.

Another thing I follow besides no sugar, white flour, processed stuff is no dairy to speak of.. I do eat a little cottage cheese for protein once in a long while- I find it non irritating.. pretty good for a lactose intolerance I'd say.
And another thing I have done is added caffeine to the program in the morning which is a no-no.  So far so good however.. and I love my morning coffee.
I believe the thing is that I'm eating so healthy generally that my body has responded positively.  Pain is minimal these days, no acid stomach or heartburn, and I have energy- I'm not falling asleep in the afternoon like I used to.   The extra bonus is that in trying to control acid in my diet, I have found a weight loss that is awesome!          

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