Sunday, October 21, 2012

Meet Pargo

Pargo is a golf cart made back in the '70s.  Its a 3 seater (unless you are a little kid..and depending on HOW little, could seat 4-5)  :)  It was a gift to Wendell from Paul and JJ so that he could get around just a bit more to enjoy fresh air.  Cute and comfy- it doesn't go FAST, and although Paul said he could add the missing gears, we prefer it just the way it is.  It was fun to just drive around and catch a breeze on a warm evening.
thanks to you all.. I know the Blair boys helped get this little car ready to run..
It now has a charging post and 3 enormous batteries to charge.
I think it needs painted pink.. but Wendell says 'leave it the way it is'.. well, okay.

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