Saturday, February 26, 2011


I'm aching.. really sore all over again today.  Yesterday was difficult and  I got nothing done that required physical labor.  I sat down and worked on family history via photos.  I must have gone through about 500 .. and have a few I can't identify and neither can Wendell.  Trouble is, there are few others we can ask about them. 
It's really important to write names on the backs of the prints.

My blood sugar is evening out.  I'm so delighted about this.  So far, so good.  I ran 92 this morning. 
I think a lot of my pain and soreness is from weather changes.  My meds don't seem to hit it squarely though.  Strange.

How are you planning for your family for when food prices skyrocket out of sight?  Think protein, vitamins, carbs, and some fats too.  Learn how to make bread at home.. or biscuits?
What can you use to replace milk if you can't afford a gallon?

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