Monday, February 28, 2011

Created perfectly

I don't believe that the human race was formed accidently.  I believe that God alone created us all perfectly and in His image.
I look at the human body and realize that every part works in conjuction with every other part.  It is truly awesome to consider.
All the body's systems work to support the remainder of systems.  We have a thyroid and a pancreas and others that regulate the amounts of certain chemicals in the body to keep it functioning at a peak level all the time.  We have hands with fingers on each one that enable us to do fine motions such as writing.  We have a brain that tells us what movement to make to do that writing and then be able to recognize it  and read it.  We have a nose with nostrils that  enables us to breathe, and lungs that perform a most awesome exchange of gases perfectly every time.  We have ears that are able to hear sound and a larynx that enables us to speak and make sound.  The mouth that is perfectly placed to take in food and liquid that our body needs daily to run at peak efficiency.. a stomach, small and large intestines, liver, kidneys, and the rectum and ureters to remove wastes.   We have eyes to see where we are going, to read, to see our children or our parents and friends, and keep us from tripping over toys and other things in our path.  Memory to keep us connected to each other, and love to bind it all together.
Fearfully and wonderfully made.

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