Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sabbath evening

Good evening all.  It's , wait.... that's not snow, that's freezing rain.  Yuck.  Wendell has a doctor appointment after lunch tomorrow. Hope it's all gone before that.

I have a new hobby.  Geocaching.  Yesterday I went with JJ and Keith and we located 2 out of the 3 in the area where we were.  Today on the way home from church, I got another one.  It's fun to log onto the geocaching site and put my accomplishments there.
I used my TomTom GPS to locate the one today.  Keith and JJ have a neat little GPS that just runs coordinates.   Mine registers the coordinates too- a surprise to find in my GPS!

Last evening we went to ChuckECheese to help Paul 3 celebrate his 12th birthday.  WOW, is he ever getting old.. hehehehe.  I'll post my pictures in the next post.  Wendell got weary of sitting and decided that we needed to go home.  Pizza was pretty good.. We left before singing Happy Birthday, so of course, we didn't have cake.  A very wise choice for 2 diabetics. 

Making the best of the before it runs out in June.  Have taken the Blairs back to Ireland, 1599.  Happy Day!!.. Unfortunately, I can't get past first base with Grandpa Grove.
Maybe another day.

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