Sunday, February 13, 2011

a blessed Sabbath to you.

 It's a beautiful day.  Brisk at 30*, but with the promise of 40* later on.  I plan to go to church to day.  Seriously- I 'plan' my Sabbath.  I find that the excuse of too much snow, snowed in, sick... yada yada.. are too much for me to bear, and as I miss worshiping the King week after week, I am drawn and filled with the desire to attend.  So I start on Monday to pray that all would be in order for the following Sabbath.. and Tuesday the same.  Wednesday I look at weather reports, and Thursday I pray for good health for Wendell and for me.  Then the blitz- praying for good weather on Friday and Saturday , and for good health also.. that we might be in attendance. 
Today is no different.   It's been prayed over and over, and my intention is that I will go, inclement weather or not.    I'm very thankful for our 4WD, but it's a gas hog.   The vehicle runs like a top and bursts through all sorts of drifts without so much as spinning a tire.  It's amazing.  But it's a gas hog.   Today I will attend worship, but I have only a quarter tank of fuel and limited funds.  It's not bad, we get paid on Wednesday.  But the trip to the Valley uses a quarter tank of fuel.. God has provided us with another RP church in our back yard nearly.  It's about15 min away and is the answer for days like today.

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