Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thinking about Wisconsin

Perhaps the answer to the problem in Wisconsin is to let the unions have their way, but remove those state jobs from the state powers that be.  Perhaps the answer is to have taxpayers pay 40% of the budget to union jobs, and get on with the other bills using the remainder for the people.
The money could be paid directly to the union and they could use it to buy insurance and health care benefits which seems to be the issue here.-In fact I 've heard that suggested.  Firemen, police, and teachers could be a business instead of under the taxpayers umbrella.  You do well, you make money.. form a union..
I watched that woman faintingly screaming that this decision to have the unions increase the amount they put into their own benefits.. She was the same woman, I would swear, that I saw at another rally across the country.. she's good. actress?   She said the state signed her death warrant because she had cancer and now she'd have to pay for all the treatments herself.  Why?  No one took her benefits away.  Odd.. I believe in conspiracy, and this one is a hoot. 
The funny part was watching her try to get on camera and then doing her drama.. no emmy here.
Just one more thing to add... I may not agree with you, but I would fight to the death for your right to be heard.  LOVE and HUGS

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