Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thomas injured

Poor Thomas was attacked this afternoon by a cat that looks very similar to the gray one in this photo.. but that is more than twice as big as Thomas.  I looked at the tracks in the snow- the gray cat's tracks are deep and huge- about 4 times the size of Thomas' bloody prints. 
I had walked out on the deck and saw blood spots here and there and definitely connected to little cat tracks.  A larger spot was by his food dish.  As I looked over the side of the deck, I saw something that I thought was feathers and thought to myself 'good.  you got one of those birds that have been eating your feed.'.. and then I saw the area where a small war had occurred.  No feathers.. but plenty of gray fur.  Thomas is totally black, so this wasn't his.. but unfortunately, the blood was.  He is not a fighter, but he does have lethal claws that should be registered as a weapon. 
I followed the blood trail to behind the old hen house, but he disappeared at that point.  I called to him, but not so much as a meow came back.  I went back inside and told Wendell about it and he went outside.  When he returned , he said Thomas was on the porch and looked like he got the bad end of a stick.  I raced out to check on him.  There he sat, trembling, limping from 4 oozing paws, his tail and fur all a mess.  His right eye is a little swollen, but he looks okay otherwise.   My desire is to seek vet care for him, but I have no way to take him, and then, he's been through enough stress for one day.  He's in his little cat cave now.  He needs to get warmed up and rested.  Bad day for the poor kitty.

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Jthemilker said...

We have a cat-carrier if you need it. Twice the size of him? Was it a bobcat?