Friday, February 25, 2011


Hooray for Gov Walker of Wisconsin and their congress who were not swayed by thugs in their capitol building.  We live in a representative government .. not a democracy where mobs rule.  AMEN!  Go Wisconsin!  I am in complete agreement with the governor and his congress.  I am so ashamed of the liberal congressmen hiding out so that they don't have to face THEIR constituents who are obviously the angry mob outside the chambers.  There should be a law re  congressmen who don't work for the people of the state.  The state cannot be ruled by mobs.


The Zombeck's said...

If Gov. Walker succeeds in taking away the rights of middle-class working people, other states will follow his lead — and attacks on our right to negotiate in a union setting, will not be far behind.

The facts are that this is not about a budget, its about rights..
He just gave 120 million dollar tax cuts to Businesses!!!
The nurses, teachers, firefighters and police of Wisconsin are fighting for the fundamental right to have a voice at work..
And I will stand next to them not a Governor that wants to take those rights away.

Jemit said...

Have you not been watching the news? Have you actually heard Gov Walker speak? I see a general blindness here.
He said he is not trying to destroy the unions. You have every right to bargain, but he's said that the Wisconsin budget is broke, and if the union gets their way, they will mostly all be layed off in the coming weeks. the alternative is to raise taxes sky high so that NO ONE can pay them. It's not fair that one small voice dictates what the majority does, and their are millions of Wisconsins who are not union and who reject this loud protestation from them.
He has not said he is taking bargaining rights away at all.
The people of Wisconsin outweigh the unions and the government there cannot be held hostage by the unions.
Where are the democrat representatives that the people elected?
They are hiding out, not supportive of the unions or the people who elected them.
Makes you wonder if they were not bought out by the unions. They are afraid to go back and discuss the issues.
What he asked for was for state union workers to pay a slightly higher part of their benefits.. and that's what caused the commotion.
It's a bigger picture, however. It's an extension of the communist and muslim organizations that have the world afire all over the world. I've been watching this unfold.
The unions are too strong to fold. They can be a good thing for workers, but they are out of control.
Who is standing with them in Wisconsin in particular? Have you not seen the flags? Communists, muslims, code pink, the others all related? George Soros says he's going to collapse America, and he's already at work doing just that.
What is happening in our country is very frightening. We all need to be on our knees praying it will cease and we can have peaceful talks with one another.
Too much confusion.. make sure you are hearing both sides of the problem.. and I will too.