Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Ice is coming

It's Tuesday evening and there is a threat of ice tonite.  Wendell has an appointment tomorrow to have his knees injected for the 3rd dose of Synvisc.  I'm trying to convince him to switch his appointment to another day, but he wants his shots.  Okay.  We shall see, but I can't crack a half inch of ice off the KIA- it's bad enough clearing snow from it.

Feeling tired and weary tonite.  Still am behind on housework.  I seem to be coughing less and wheezing less, but my energy levels are dragging.  I have a doctor appt next Tuesday.
My insurance company says they are reinstating me, so I feel a lot better about things.. just wish I felt better physically.

I think I'll head to bed early tonite..

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