Monday, January 31, 2011

Feeling a bit better again

Today is Monday.  I'm feeling just a bit better than I have all week.  Now if I can just get rid of this sinus headache!  It's a drag.
As long as I don't do much except sit or lay around, I don't seem to wheeze or cough- I find this annoying, as I can see all the things that need to be done that aren't getting done.
So I'm back into family history to help make the time more accountable.  I'm learning a LOT.  I've taken the Blair family back into Ireland 2 generations, but have really hit a brick wall with Wendell's grandfather Grove- I have NO idea where he came from or what his real name was.  I say that because he and his twin sister were on one census using an alias- the surname Neel.  Go figure!  Everyone leaves some kind of paper trail, but Grandpa Grove was very tidy about his.
I need a copy of his birth certificate, but he was born in 1865 in Jefferson County PA and those records are on microfilm in the "mines".  I don't even know what name to request~ Grove or Neel?  Acckkkk
He certainly is an enigma if anyone ever was.

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