Sunday, January 23, 2011


So glad to have Rebecca back at Renaissance, and with her comes the weekly FOTO FRIDAY. I wanted to join in, and I'd welcome you to do the same. This past week's topic was SPOTS.

Oops! Annabelle left her new shoes at my house. Lots of spots here.. :)

I was washing dishes when I noticed how the suds make spots too..

Peas.. cold buttered peas.. they were good, but I prefer the GREEN frozen or fresh ones rather than canned.
I have to admit, I have been the queen of spots all my life as a redhead, I have all the freckles anyone could ever desire. Trouble was, I tried to take a picture of them, and they seem to be melted together or something. Hmmm Oh, well...
Will be watching for STRIPES this week..


Rebecca said...

hey there! Good to have you joining in again! Completely stumped on stripes--but hey, it doesn't HAVE to be a challenge photo anymore! yay!

Full of Grace said...

Love those shoes! They are so bright and cheery :) I am also glad you are participating in Foto Friday again :)