Monday, January 24, 2011

Viruses R Us... yuck

Wendell is feeling a bit green.  He's got my cold and sounds worse than usual.  Tonight he has gone to bed early so he can hook up his oxygen and rest.
Tomorrow he is to get his 2nd round of Synvisc in his knees and then see his endocrinologist about his diabetes. 
We shall see how he does tomorrow.
I'm doing just a bit better, thankfully.  It's bad when one of us is ill, but the thought of both of us down at the same time is frightening.
Hopefully I'll have the energy to clean up around here tomorrow.  I can't believe I haven't done a thing since last Wednesday.  One thing at a time..
I had to run out yesterday because we were totally out of cat food, and Thomas was getting a bit frantic... can't blame him much.
Tomorrow I hope I can put in some dinners so we can get back on our portion control diet.  We were doing so well with that and somehow got sidetracked.

Gentle snow is falling..

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