Friday, January 28, 2011


It's Friday, and that means we upload all our photos we took this past week that reflect the topic which was STRIPES ! I became keenly aware that I live in a world of stripes.. everywhere I look..

 I'd been wondering what made these striped footprints in the snow, so I took a walk outside to find out.  Deer.. little ones with little hooves.  I think they drag their feet.

 The back porch is nothing but lines or stripes, and when the sun shines, even more shadows appear in stripes.
 Our porch flooring is stripes of every kind.
 I've saved the best for last.. I am a patriot.  Our guest room is in the process of being a reflection of our American heritage.

In my office, there are bookshelves with stripes of books on the shelves.
Please join us on Rebecca's blog for Foto Friday- the more the merrier!


Full of Grace said...

Likin' the stripes in the snow the best, it sort of reminds me of mine :) Great minds think alike ;)

Jennifer said...

That wood grain photo is gorgeous!

Terri said...

You found lots of stripes. Good job!

...they call me mommy... said...

Stripes!!! Good job! :)

Dana said...

Love all the stripes!

Hollace said...

You really had your eyes open to stripes! I like the snow one on top. I was thinking it was a cross-country skier.