Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Throttle the groundhog!

Did you see what happened yesterday afternoon and evening?   Duh... I guess that is a dumb question.  Snow kept coming and coming and coming... till we have 6-7 inches on the ground.  That was what I'd call a 'flash storm'...
Seemed to come from nowhere.
This morning is a beauty though.. sun shining, snow glistening and a brisk 19*.  It feels like a good day.
Son Paul was caught in the big storm of yesterday- I-79 .  Took him hours to get home.. did he say 5 hours?
JJ also got caught on Rt-8 coming out of Butler.  She sat for hours in traffic trying to go south. Tractor trailers stuck on McBride Hill..couldn't go anywhere,  and then rescued by friends.  Now, that's the kind of friends to have.  I'm thankful for cellular phones as she was able to chart her path to friends and family as she plodded her way toward home.
Jane and Joyce were out in it also..took nearly an hour to go a short distance.  Then Paul had to pick Joyce up after work..
I am so thankful that I am gainfully unemployed- retired.  These are the kind of roads that I seemed to always get stuck on.  I remember a year or so ago taking on McBride Hill with my studded snow tires, spinning my way up the hill while others were sideways or worse.  I got to the top of Armco and called the boss to say I wasn't going down the other side of the hill.. and then being told that they were closed that day.. oops!  forgot to tell you. 
No more.  Content and happy to be home.

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