Sunday, March 13, 2011

Blessed Lord's Day to all

36* this morning and I'm anxious to get going to worship!  It's not every day one can attend and know that the King of Kings is present with us.  I want to look the best I can, yet not call attention to myself.. this IS the Lord's day.. and I'm thankful.
After much thought , have decided to go to Manchester after all.  I have some bags of goodies for the family, and then, I really want to be there anyway. 

*note- Ensure is safe for me to drink, but apparently not Wendell.  He tried a bottle last evening to see if it was palatable, and though he liked it, I believe Glucerna is a better choice for him judging from the spike in glucose this morning.  :(

* prayer- Wendell is not feeling well.  I think he needs a trip to the doctor .. but then, he has an appointment for this month's weigh in.. so I think he'll be okay till then.  He has no energy and sleeps a lot.  Last night he bearly got supper in, and when he was done, he got up and went back to bed.   another :(

* Remember Jane too with her upcoming hip surgery- Keep praying all will go well and her anxiety would be at a minimum. 

*I suspect that tomorrow will bring me to a new weight level- but I'll wait to make that statement till then.  More fun that way.  But I am looking forward to it..  :)  My diet is going well obviously- and I actually feel better on it- low fat ADA. 

Remembering the Sabbath day ..

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