Wednesday, March 09, 2011

A good day

It has been a most wonderful day.. really.   As far as being post op 5 days, I think we can leave that phase of my life now.  I feel very good.  There are restrictions , of course, till I see the doctor again in about 2 weeks.  No lifting, pulling, or pushing.. not that I could if I wanted to.. yesterday was enough when we went to the grocery store. 
I've had one pain med today- this morning- but not for anything related to surgery- just that back pain thing I live with every day.  The pain pill kicked in and after breakfast I decided to set some goals for myself to get the house cleaned up before the weekend hits.  Breakfast dishes were done, so I looked around me to find the 'hottest spot' I could, and that is the kitchen table.  Yep.. it's a cluttered mess.  I did pretty good for the first few minutes.  I actually got things put back where they belonged.  And then I spotted the box my friend Sandi sent me a couple weeks ago.. I hadn't really been able to go through everything carefully, so I opened the box and enjoyed the contents all over again!  I spent the first 30 minutes going through every recipe in that 'taste of home' cookbooklet.. trying to figure how to make the recipes there edible for Wendell and me.  Hahahaaha.. it was when I put that one down that I spotted the cake decorating book.. Oh, man.. another hour down the tubes...That was when Wendell thought maybe it was lunch time and I had specific ideas for that.
Cream of mushroom soup- first of all, if you buy the really cheap stuff, it has far less fat than the higher priced soup- I normally add more mushrooms and some crackers, but today we would open one small can of soup.  I took 1/2 cup and added hot water to it and it was very very tasty.  Wendell had the remainder of the can and his too was made with water.   That saves calories... unless you put a half a tube of crackers in your little bowl... oh, ugh.  Not for me.
I made us each a grilled cheese sandwich.  He is using the 35 cal bread and I chose the 100% whole wheat without high fructose corn syrup- I think it's worth the calories.  We each had a slice of farmers cheese  on our sandwiches.  Farmers cheese is low fat and very soft to handle.  You have to have it sliced thick at the deli counter or when you get home you will have a cheese ball instead of slices .  (experience speaking here).  
Wendell's sandwich bread was spread with butter.  I chose PAM for mine.  Okay.. I have to agree, butter is much more flavorful, but I only wanted a half sandwich- he ate the other half.
We had home made tapioca pudding for dessert- fresh fruit on top.
I only ate half, and then I had a bottle of Ensure too.. Hedging on overload.  I'll finish the Ensure later.
It was a good afternoon.  I went back to clearing the table, but kept finding other things to do in the meantime.. like the laundry..
Supper was great.
3oz ham steak- ultra lean
1/2 c baby peas
3oz baked potato
Mini tossed salad with my wine viniagrette.  Tonite I put ranch dressing on hubbys salad, as he tends to use a quarter cup on a mini salad- I gave him 3 tsp.  I'm trying to convince him to not augment what I put on his plate, but to just eat the good food.  He likes to add cottage cheese to EVERY meal, and normally this wouldn't be bad if he could do portion control.  A cup of cottage cheese with every meal is insane.  There.  I said it.
I'm trying to get him to not fear the lack of food, for that's what it seems to be.  I have nutritious snacks for us.. like tonite...
Slice of angel food cake with 3 thinly sliced strawberries and a half orange sliced thinly so it looks like you are overloaded with fruit, but not really.  I added a Tbsp of Cool Whip to the top.. and WOWZA! 
He seems to try to understand.. it's gonna take some time.  We've discovered that there are foods which cause our blood sugar to spike the next day- pasta, ramen noodles, and instant oatmeal to name a few.  These things will be packed up and given to whomever wants them.  I bought spinach spaghetti which I am anxious to try.. but not just yet.
Regular cereals don't seem to bother the blood sugar. 
We are learning.

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