Tuesday, March 15, 2011

down 12#

I'm walking on air today.. see my Downsizing Blog to see why... woohoo!!!
Beautiful day today , though it feels like it could rain.  I took a walk around the house, but expanded the walk up into the garden.  The dear have been snacking on my blueberry bushes again.  gotta get some clear plastic bags over them to see if that will deter them.
Saw another groundhog on the edge of the woods.  If it's not raining today, I think I'll get the trap out again and see if we can catch one.
Thomas' bowls were topsy turvy this morning leading me to believe we had company last night- likely a coon.. even more reason to get the traps going.  Ugh.  They make such a mess.  They are opportunistic feeders, but then Thomas needs to be fed too, and I have nowhere but outdoors on the back porch to do so.  If I move it off the porch, the wild animals take over quicker.  Wish I could bring him in to eat, but can't risk it.
Having fish for supper tonite.. cod.  I have found a recipe to try and then will make the decision whether it's gonna appear on the menu again.  :)

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Wendy said...

Dear? Deer. Anyhow...get netting...like the kind you put over a stroller...not bags, I would think that would rot them. Good job on your loss...that is exciting! Hooray!