Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Canning is fun

Good day to all!!  It's a cold and sunny day here in WPA.. I got up late this morning after my marathon canning session yesterday.  We now have 30 sealed jars of meat.  10 beef and 20 chicken.  Yay! for canning.  It's so rewarding to see those little jars on the counter- I almost wish they didn't have to be put away.   After I got started last evening, I realized I wouldn't have enough jars to accomodate all the meat, so I ran out to Trader Horn and bought 3 doz more jars.  They aren't quite a pint- 12 oz.  Perfect for Wendell and me.  The sides are straight , no shoulders , so we can make cake or whatever else we want later.  I hope to keep this going- I would like to purchase a ham and preserve it too.  It's great just to put on a relish tray with other things.  I had bought kielbassi and when I do the ham, I'll try that too.  I think it should be just fine.
If you are thinking of canning meats, I would like to make one suggestion- don't try hot dogs- yechhhh.  They come out soft and mushy and really, not very tasty.
Use your imagination.. can what you are able to get the most of.
Wendell and I have decided to just buy veggies and fruits as these are much easier to handle and there are places one can purchase them at very low cost. 
I know it's easier to freeze meats, etc.. but if the freezer goes.. everything else goes too and the loss would be horrific.  Canning eliminates this problem. 
Anyone want to join in ?  I'll can if you buy the meat/produce.. or I'll teach you how it's done.

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