Friday, March 04, 2011

Surgery day

I'm going to have my gall bladder out today.  It's been a rough week or so with nausea and pain in my abdomen.  What was thought to be from metformin, is not at all, but cholelithiasis- gall stones and sludge.  UGH.
I look forward to no more nausea, but I know there will be some pain after surgery.  It is to be a laparoscopic surgery, so there will be no incision per se. 
The risk factors make me a bit unnerved.  I need the plavix to keep my blood from clotting and causing another stroke, but I need to be off the plavix to keep from bleeding internally post surgery.  Acckkk!
Pray all things would be within normal limits for this time period at least.
I'm thankful for my family who have been so supportive along the way.  I've been asking a lot lately, and promise I won't ask too much after this is all over.
Remembering Amy and the kids too- they have had a variety of illness at their house in the past week.  Praying for a reprieve for them.
Cousin Keith was hit by a car- needing to uphold him also, and his dad as he recovers from his surgery last fall.
Remembering Jane too as she looks to likely having another surgery on her hip- she has much pain.
Happy that springy weather is upon us- not all that warm, but present.
Gotta get myself ready to go..

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