Saturday, March 05, 2011


Very special thanks to JJ and Keith who got me to the hospital Tuesday and brought me home then and yesterday too.  And for Amanda and John who , though they were physically exhausted, stopped for groceries for me so I could have something easy to digest over the weekend.
The surgery seemed like a whirlwind.  I had only been off the Plavix for 4 days, so the risk of bleeding was very present during and after surgery.  All went as planned and quite well.   Not sure why I was in recovery for 2 hours rather than the 45min-hr they suggested.  Afterward, before I went home, the anesthesiologist came to talk to JJ and me about a situation that happened in the OR- he said I anesthetized easily, but I am very difficult to intubate.  He gave me copies of his note from my chart to give to the next guy who has to intubate me- let's hope NEVER.  :)

Last evening was pretty good.  Once I got home, I went directly to bed, did not pass go, did not collect $200.. oh, wait, that's Monopoly.. let's see...... I went to bed and ...hmmm I dont' remember much for the next few hours.  I got up later on and had Jello, and drank half of a bottle of Ensure.  Not bad.  I'm finding I don't want to eat/drink much at any one time- seems to aggravate my belly.  I'm learning a whole new way of eating.
As of yesterday, I've lost 8 # since Feb 10th.  This is a good thing- but I wish nausea was not the main reason.  Dressings are dry.  YAY!  They are 4 tiny little patches like small bandaids. 
This morning I feel much better, though I am just not sure how long I'll be on my feet.  I seem to use up all my energy just having a cup of tea or coffee, or jello like last evening.  Haven't had a pain pill since last evening, but I probably should 'just because'. 

I may have a half banana this morning , compliments of my best friend Sandi and Rick.  In next post I shall get that picture on the blog.  The potted flower is gorgeous, and the fruit is perfect!  Every piece just grown to perfection.  Thanks to both of you!

I want to thank you all for prayer all week too.  It works and does so very well.  God is merciful and He is the Great Physician whom I love and trust.  Thanks, Vince,  for being there for us yesterday as well.

More later.. I need to go back and lay down again

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