Tuesday, March 08, 2011

post op day 4 continues

Having others pray over you is the most wonderful thing.  I can almost feel the healing taking over me.
My legs are now free of the pain that plagued me, and I've been without nausea all day!  I am extremely careful about what I put in my mouth, and I'm reading labels like crazy to make sure I don't make any critical mistakes.
Today Wendell drove me to the Greater Butler Mart where I stopped at Rite Aid to get more Ensure.. I'm using the Immune one, though there are 2 more choices.  For now, I need to build my immune system, and this fits the bill.  Calories are low, carbs are sort of high, but it hasn't touched my blood glucose so far.  Today I was 98 and when I got my shower, I hopped on the scales to find I have lost a total of 10# since Feb 10.. just about a month ago.
It's a start in the right direction.   I plan to keep using the Ensure for a few weeks till I feel stronger, then move to one of the other ones for maintenance.  It's expensive, but worth every penny.

I went to the Dollar General for some badly needed supplies, and they were very kind to pack my bags to make them very light for me to handle.

Next stop was the grocery-  This one was a bit more difficult as I needed some heavier things like cat food and a gallon of distilled water, and a case of sugar free peach snapple.  They unloaded my cart for me, and one of the guys took my groceries out and put them in the car for me.  Nice. 
I bought some different things this time.. like fresh frozen salmon.  I'm looking for a good recipe.   I've never baked salmon before.  I also got a bag of plain fresh frozen cod fillets.  I think I can manage that one pretty easily.  I got some bread crumbs that are seasoned, but not with fat.  I also bought a package of ground chuck for Wendell and chicken breasts for me.  Our diet is changing for the good for sure. 
I am still not eating much at a time, and I don't think it's going to change much in the near future.
Tonite's supper :
2 oz very lean roast pork
1/2c spring salad with my wine vinegrette spray (no fat)
2 oz baked potato (Wendell does a super job baking them)
1/2c carrot wheels seasoned with butter buds and splenda..
It was a lot for me to eat, and I told hubby we'd wait a while for dessert.  Oh, yes.. we are having a special dessert:
thin sliced angel food cake with fresh thinly sliced strawberries and bits of fresh chopped orange .. we may even go for the SF cool whip which, incidently, is actually very low in fat! 
The secret is the portion control.. not a lot of anything, but a wide variety of different colorful foods.
I thought our salads were fantastic- the color in the spring blend leaves, the bright red of tiny bits of red pepper, the slivers of fresh sweet onion, and tiny shavings of fresh carrot.. not a lot of anything, but really so delicious.
Tonite, I'm going to try to make Tapioca pudding- with splenda and skim milk.  Yeah.. I know I'm lactose intolerant, but I have lactaid tabs I can use for such occasions.. (smiling and feeling proud of myself here )
Lots to do.. trying not to overdo.  Tomorrow is the kitchen table that is a real mess.  Since this all started, I have been too sick to tidy up like I did before.  Well, as long as I feel pretty good tomorrow, the table is definitely on the agenda.
If anyone is heading for Sams Club.. I have a request..

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I called tonight to see if you needed anything from the store. I guess not???