Friday, March 25, 2011

Hello Dreamfields!  This is delicious pasta that is low glycemic factor.  We tried it last night for supper.   1/2c dry = 1 serving.  It makes 1c cooked.  Imagine how excited we were this morning to find that blood sugars were stable.. and 4hr after Wendell ate his, his blood sugar was 100.  YAY! 

It's chilly today- 23* at the moment 11am.  But it's sunny and beautiful.  WOW! what a gorgeous blue sky!!  God is blessing us in so many ways.

Speaking of God's blessings- I attended my first Women's Bible Study at Gibsonia last evening.  It was wonderful!  What a lovely group of ladies.  I learned a lot about the Philippian church.. it's first members were Lydia the wealthy lady, a jailer, and likely a girl tormented with a demon until Paul cast it out.  Notice, there weren't a lot of "official" type people.. just regular folk.  Paul loved that church dearly.  They were faithful to supply him with the things he needed while in prison.  Prison there was not like prison here.  If you wanted to eat, someone had to bring you food.  If you needed a change of clothes or a blanket, someone had to supply that for you too.  The church at Philippi did that. 
I felt blessed to go to that meeting.  Looking forward to the next one on next Thursday.
I'm also reading a book called The Sovereignty of God by AW Pink.  I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to know about your relationship to God.  WOW!  Once again I find myself so very blessed by this book. 
On to the day.  I have worked this morning on the photo project.  I should take a picture of the mess I've made while working on it.  Ugh.  But there is progress and that's really encouraging.  I don't want our families to ever have the problem of identifying anyone in the family.  All the photos are marked and I'm also mounting them according to person or family.  Once this project is done, All the families will go into a file according to their family - in albums.

Soon time for lunch.  Am tempted to make that macaroni again today for lunch.. a tuna macaroni salad sounds appealing.

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Jthemilker said...

Ha ha - I am making Dreamfields pasta for dinner! Scored a great deal on it recently. Did you try any of the Ezekiel brand stuff yet? I emailed them and asked for coupons and they sent me some. Yay! I want to try their pasta too.