Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The grace of God is proclaimed in the Gospel (Acts 20:24), which is to the self-righteous Jew a 'stumbling block', and o the conceited and philosophizing Greek 'foolishness'.  And why so?
Because there is nothing whatever in it that is adapted to the gratifying of the pride of man.  It announces that unless we are saved by grace, we cannot be saved at all.
It declares that apart from Christ, the unspeakable Gift of God's grace, the state of every man is desperate, irremediable, hopeless.
The Gospel addresses men as guilty, condemned, perishing criminals. 
It declares tha the chastest moralist is in the same terrible plight as is the most voluptuous profligate; and the zealous professor, with all his religious performances, is no better off than the most profane infidel.
AW Pink-The Attributes of God

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