Saturday, March 26, 2011

Yay for me!  I stepped on the scales this morning and found I'd lost another pound- that's a total of 13# since Feb 10 when I started the ADA diet.  Wonderful news!!

Beautiful day here in WPA.. and chilly also.  Today's project is to plant seeds in my little flats and then take them to the back room to let them germinate.  It's exciting in spring when the plants start to grow.
I've been praying for help with preparing soil for our mini garden this year.  We shall see.  First I need to get gas for the rototiller.  I'm so glad Paul loaned them to us.  It makes plowing the soil so much easier.  I have plans for more flowers this year in other places.. and then I bought a blueberry bush and a hummingbird bush to plant also. 
I found gooseberry bush seed and have purchased these to plant by Amanda's bushes so they will give fruit- maybe this year?  Maybe next.  I'm excited about this nonetheless. 
On to Professor Hoffman.. :)

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