Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Bible has been around for a long time. It is the Word of God and I believe it is true.

Fulfilled prophecy is a remarkable piece of evidence of that. Prophecy that was specific and often times came to precise fulfillment long after the prophet had died.

There is no other book with such accuracy, and no modern day prophets can begin to compare with scriptural fulfillment. It can be nothing less than divine revelation.

History also shows that what is written in scripture was also verified in the public writings of Egyptians and Assyrians as well as other early nations. Archeological findings have been totally correct according to Biblical references.

Another striking evidence of Divine inspiration is that many of the facts of modern science were recorded as facts of nature in the Bible long before science confirmed them.

For example,

Isaiah 40:22 says the earth is round

Isaiah 55:9 refers to the nearly infinite universe

Jeremiah 33:22 refers to the vast number of stars

Leviticus 17:11 mentions the importance of blood in life processes..

And there are many more . It is significant to note there has never been a mistake demonstrated in the Bible. Where there were questions, science has been able to verify in many cases, the veracity of the scriptures.

The Bible is a book that has a unique structure with 66 books written over a period of about 2000 years. One book- but consistent throughout. The individual writers had no idea that their writings would finally be incorporated into this book, yet each fits perfectly in its place.

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