Saturday, November 19, 2011

Whatever it was that slowed me down yesterday is gone.  AMEN.  Last night when I finished up my CalorieCount for the day, I found myself almost 200 calories over the top.  Ugh.  But believe it or not, the scales say I have again had a loss, though not a big one.  Loss is good.  At least I didn't gain.  (smiling broadly at myself)
I've been thinking about some comments that have been made recently to me .. especially those who think I'm going to Hell for listening and following the directions of Glenn Beck.  "Why, he's a Mormon"  they say.   Yes, I'm aware that Mormons don't worship my Jesus.  But it occurs to me that in any part of the media where you are getting your information on global issues and those of your home territory, there is not one person who makes sure that the person giving you  that information is a Christian.. there just isn't such a person.  My support of Mr Beck has nothing to do with his theology, but his common sense and truth that he brings to the forefront daily.  If you disagree, say so.. but as for me, I find him enlightening and educational despite his well known theology.  There is something that can be said here for being aware and not being drawn in by false teaching.
So yes, I read The Blaze and am subscribed to GBTV.  Highly recommended to my Conservative friends.

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