Sunday, November 20, 2011

Well.... this was an odd day.  I got up at 3am feeling like a new body, and decided to do some reading before I got ready for church.  My intentions were very good, and I was looking forward to another of Vince's sermons on the Psalms.  In good time, I had breakfast, showered and dressed... and went back to my reading.  It was not long after that point that I started to slowly feel like a hat was falling down over my eyes and my head.. it progressed until my eyes failed me..and I felt they were trying to cross.  This is tired.
After some heartfelt consideration, I realized it might be dangerous for me to operate  a vehicle under these circumstances.. especially since Wendell was not attending.  The decision made to stay home, I walked into the bedroom, applied my CPAP, and lay down on the bed with an article to read on Christians/Christmas.. That's what I remember until 2:30pm when I woke up.  WOW.  That was some sleep I just experienced. 
Now what?
So I got on my trusty computer and dialed up Kindle for pc, and read a bit about holiness by JC Ryle.. really , besides Spurgeon, becoming fast my favorite author.   A while later I brought up a John Knox "pamphlet" (really a small book) and read some of that too.. The First Trumpet.. written about women in public office- and why they should not be there.  I haven't finished this yet..

I've connected with my friend we usually do daily.. and am looking forward to her new enterprise to be unveiled tomorrow.
Add her to your prayer list please, not just because of her new business, but because she is a shut-in basically and a wonderful Christian woman.  She it is that has encouraged me to read the books I've been reading.  Take a look at my bookshelf on the right side of this page..  (smile.  I haven't read that many books in the last 10 years, and these are just the ones I 've read THIS year.)

Tomorrow, Monday, I have my first appointment with my new PCP.  I'm really excited to keep this appointment, as I feel my managed care will be so much better.. more organized and efficient.

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