Monday, November 21, 2011

I had my first appointment with my new PCP today.  SHE was everything I expected.. and I had a good experience.  Managed care is good.
I showed her a page or two from my CalorieCount site and the receptionist was so excited about it, she took down the address.  The one thing the doctor pointed out to me was that the suggestions for amounts of minerals.. Ca++ and K++ ... where I am low daily , are not particularly criticals.. I do take extra Ca++ every day, but my intake via foods still can't get it up to the 1200mg suggested for women. 
In February I shall have more bloodwork done- this time majorly- and we'll see how things have been.  Anxious to see this myself.
In March, I'll have a complete physical and get my marching orders for various tests that need done.   I'm still fighting that colonoscopy, but she says if I don't, I'll still have to be tested for blood in my stools. 
Otherwise, she gave me a sheet with stretching exercises that I need to do daily.  What she told me was that my "intake" was excellent, but my "output" stinks.  Let me translate that.  My diet is nearly perfect, but I don't exercise enough.  What the goal is kind of makes me wonder.. 30 minutes PER DAY of exercise enough to leave me breathless.  I dunno.. right now, I can do 7 minutes of pleasure walking before the spasms hit.. hmmm 
She was reassuring though.. she said ANY exercise is better than none, and I didn't have to do 30 minutes of steady exercise, I could split it into 5 sessions of 6 minutes or even 10 minutes 3x/day.  Well, now it doesn't seem insurmountable.
I have a bone density in my future.. not yet, but next year.. and probably a stress test too. 
All in all, I was rather impressed.. and the office staff was wonderful too... very friendly and helpful.
OH.. I got my flu shot.  yay me.

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