Friday, November 18, 2011

What a beautiful day.. sunny, brisk, without precipitation, and 27*.
I'd love to can days like today to bring out during the long dark winter.. for a treat.  Not looking forward to winter, but recognize it as a necessity to get rid of nasty viruses that will plague us through next year.  Warm winters make sick people unfortunately.  So we shall be thankful for the days just as they are.
Christmas is coming.. gifts for children are being assembled.. 9 down, 1 to go.  Annabelle is my dilemma.. hmmmm
I hesitate to purchase 'soccer boppers' that she said she wanted.. it would seem that you'd need 2 sets to play with them.. the price is ridiculous at $20/set.. and you don't get the option of choosing PINK.  So I think this is going to be overruled and out. 
When I was 5 yr old, I would love dolls.. but I dont' think she does.  Hmmmm 

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