Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yesterday was my day at the doctor's office.  Today is Wendell's.  He will see his new endocrinologist about his diabetes.. it's actually his 2nd visit.  One thing that is really encouraging is that Wendell has lost 3+ # this past 2 weeks and this morning his blood sugar was only 99.  That is NORMAL.  Amen.  He got up early this morning and had his bloodwork done.  His A1c should be excellent.  Can hardly wait to see what happens ..

Enjoying the last few drops of coffee #2 for today.  Something I really love.  I have several things needful today.. one is to get some bread made.. I think our home made bread is down to the heels.

Am working on a recipe for a cake made from scratch that is safe for a diabetic, yet low calorie.  I think I may have one.  It may need some tweaking, but we'll see.  Does anyone know the purpose of butter in a cake recipe?  Is it simply a flavor issue or does it really have a purpose?   Can unsweetened applesauce take it's place?  Hmmmm  One of the things I love about CalorieCount.com is that I can put all my ingredients in the log and it will analyze and calculate the calories for me per serving.

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