Friday, November 18, 2011

Felt a bit under the weather this afternoon... sore and achy.. so I layed down for a few minutes.  Two hours later I awoke with a headache.. ugh.
My diet , though it is registered as an "A" for the day, has exceeded  my allotted calories.. by a bit over 100.  :(   Not so good.  The thing that did this was a large potato I ate for lunch- 8 oz baked in the skin.  Though I didn't eat the skin, I was searching for a K+ boost.  Then I weighed my baked chicken- 4 oz  .. 2 oz more than needed for the day. 
Well there is always tomorrow.. and perhaps the fact that I've been pretty steady with my eating habits .. may help and not be a bad thing really.
Calcium intake is still low.. I'll have a 70 cal Activia light for a snack tonite.  :-\

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