Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wendell says the ground beef soup is superb!  I guess that means he'll eat it whenever.. :)  I finally canned 13 jars of it for him + 4 quarts and a pint.  That's a pot of soup for sure!
I'm looking for all sizes of canning jars now.. I just don't have enough to keep going, and the ham bone from Thanksgiving is on the stove simmering away.  The beans are on the back burner soaking till tomorrow when everything will come together and I'll can this batch too.  If nothing else, we will have soup this winter.
That reminds me that I have chicken bones in the freezer waiting to turn into chicken soup some time soon.  That's MY fave.  Yummo!

I have craft supplies now for when the grandkids come to visit me this week.. and .. cookie makings too.. This is gonna be a fun 2 days. 

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