Sunday, November 06, 2011

We dug the end of the potatoes yesterday.. Paul, David, and Annabelle and me.. big mistake for me.  My back has been in spasm since I tried using the fork.. ugh.  So I've missed worship today.
I'm listening to Psalms by Jason Cogwell.  Beautiful.
I don't consider this a 'hit' by Satan today, but simply poor choice for myself.  Live and learn.
I really enjoyed having Paul, David , and Annabelle for 2 days.. while Daniel had his surgery and was recuperating.  Get well soon Daniel!
I was tickled on Friday morning when Annabelle requested to print her own name on her plastic cup.  She carefully wrote "Ann".  WOW!  My little 4 yr old is growing up quickly.
It's always hard when they leave.. the quiet is deafening.. and I look around to see where they are.. that we might get a game of UNO or SkipBo going.. sigh....
It's lovely today.  50* right now.. and it's only 11:30am. 
I've been behaving on my diabetic diet.  1200 cal ADA.. I've lost 5.2# for this week.  I'm certain much would have been fluid loss, though I'm drinking more water and walking the perimeter daily.. so who knows? 
Wendell decided he wanted to get back to his diet more strictly too.. his program calls for 2000 cal ADA /day.  If he can get close to that, I think he'll see a change in his shape and glucose levels. 
So far, so good.
Keeping a daily log helps a lot.  In fact, it's a necessity to make sure you get all that's coming to you and no more.
*** WAKE UP***.. I always thought bologna was a fair choice for a protein.. 1 slice=1 protein or meat.  Yeah.. but if you chose more than that.. it's 90 cal/slice and 3 slices can wreck a diet for the day with a whopping 270 extra fatty calories. 
Sometimes I live in denial.. :(
Today I had a cup of Cheerios, 1 small banana, and 1/2c Lactaid milk.
Lunch will be a sandwich with a slice of deli ham, and piled with tomato, onion, lettuce, pickles..and a small dab of mayo..  my bread is 35cal/slice, so it's counted as only  1 bread.  Woohoo!
Tonite I'll have 2 broiled chicken tenders with a slice of my home made bread/(I can't believe it's Not Butter)  and a large salad and veggies..
*****Note to self*****.. 1 egg has more calories than just the egg white.. which is 17 cal each and a very very healthy choice!  Forget the yolks..
On to the day..

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