Saturday, November 12, 2011

What a beautiful Saturday morning.. It's brisk at 34*, and yet the sun is shining so bright.. one would expect 90* .. but , alas, it won't be that way.  Too late in the year.  Winter is upon us, though snow is scant just yet.  It gets dark really early..
Next week is payday and I'm getting a list of groceries ready for that day.  Yesterday I baked 4 loaves of home made oatmeal bread.  Mmmmmm.. so delicious, but full of calories, so have to be very careful cutting < 1/2" slices and then only once a day.  I look forward to supper for just that reason.
I'm surprised to see that even hubby is willing to watch every item that goes in his mouth.  He says he feels like he's lost some.. we'll see next week.  He went from +/- 2600 cal /day to 2000 cal , a savings of 600 cal / day for him.  In a weeks time, he should lose a pound even with no  activity.
Mine went from 1600 cal to 1200 cal/day.. only a 400 cal savings, so my loss should be slower. 

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